Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns

Meet the Brownsis Tyler Perry’s fifth movie to date.  This movie focuses on the struggles of single mothers.  Angela Basset is her usual outstanding self, and clearly carries this movie. The cast is primaily made up of newcomers; it’s not as strong as some of his other ensembles. 

The relationship between Brenda (Angela’s character) and her son is supportive and loving. Some scenes brought me to tears.  Most of Tyler’s movies are filled with big laughs; the laughs in Meet the Browns are far and in between and borders on slap stick.

Overall the Meet the Browns is good, but it falls short from Perry’s previous works.

This movie gets 31/2 kisses out of 5!



2 responses to “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns

  1. I was wondering about this movie. Certainly wanted to see it, but was unaware of the cast members other than Angela Bassett.

  2. Wait for the video:)

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