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Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns

Meet the Brownsis Tyler Perry’s fifth movie to date.  This movie focuses on the struggles of single mothers.  Angela Basset is her usual outstanding self, and clearly carries this movie. The cast is primaily made up of newcomers; it’s not as strong as some of his other ensembles. 

The relationship between Brenda (Angela’s character) and her son is supportive and loving. Some scenes brought me to tears.  Most of Tyler’s movies are filled with big laughs; the laughs in Meet the Browns are far and in between and borders on slap stick.

Overall the Meet the Browns is good, but it falls short from Perry’s previous works.

This movie gets 31/2 kisses out of 5!



Gone Baby Gone

Whew! This movie takes you for a ride.  I missed it at the movie theater and couldn’t wait for it to come out on video.  It started out a bit slow and typical, but about half way through it starts to take turns that are as eqaully shocking as they are shameful. Just when I thought I had it figured out it would take yet another turn.

The backdrop of the movie was scarily authentic.  The home of the characters were as nasty and dirty as a crack house.

This movie was directed by Ben Afleck and starred his younger brother Casey. With Ben’s most recent acting roles one would be hesitant to trust his ability to bring true grit and drama.  Fear not – this movis is excellent!

This movie gets 4 out of 5 kisses! 

Critic’s Choice Awards

Of course I had to watch the Critic’s Choice Awards that aired on VHI last night.  And of course I didn’t agree with a lot of their choices.  But some I did.  The host DL Hughley got no love from the audience.  I thought he did a good job.

The movie that stood out was No Country for Old Men.  It won for Best Supporting Actor, Director and Movie.  I agree with the Best Supporting Actor nod.  Actor Javier Bardem plays crazy better than anyone I’ve ever seen.  Javier makes you squirm in your seat as you witness him kill people without a blink. He plays mind games with each victim to make them think they asked to be killed, and he was just honoring their wishes.

This movie gets 4 out 5 kisses!

Have You Found The Joy In Your Life?

I had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of the movie The Bucket List.  There were two questions that Morgan Freeman asked Jack Nicholson:  (1) have you given someone joy? (2) have you found the joy in your life? I had to take pause at both of these questions.  Fortunately, I was able to say yes to these questions, but how many people today aren’t unable to be so blessed. 

The Bucket List is pretty predictable, but it pull on your heart strings and makes you smile nonetheless. 

The Bucket List inspired me to want to make sure that I give joy to someone everyday, and that I preserve the joy in my life.

This movie gets three out of five kisses!


Charlie Wilson’s War

The holidays gave me an opportunity to catch a couple of good movies.  Charlie Wilson’s War was one of them.  I must say that I have never seen Tom Hanks in such a mature role.  While his comedic timing will always be his trade mark, he found a way to display both humor and seriousness effortlessly.  I was less impressed with Julia Roberts performance.

Charlie Wilson’s War is a 2007 film about Democratic Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson, who conspired with a rogue CIA operative named Gust Avrakotos to launch an operation to help the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

I love movies that are based are on a true story.  While the content of the movie is very serious, the movie plays. You had to have seen Ocean’s Thirteen to know what means. 🙂

This movie gets four out of five kisses!

The time for justice is always right now!

This line that Jurnee Smollett delivered with great passion in the Great Debaters has become my new mantra!  This surely isn’t the only takeaway from this must see movie.  I walked away proud and hopeful.  Denzel did an exceptional job directing, and the cast was a ensemble of very talented young actors.  I must say Denzel Whitaker stole the show! How could you not with a name like Denzel Whitaker!

This movie gets five out of five kisses!