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Janet Jackson – Discipline

Janet’s new CD Discipline hit the stores last Tuesday.  Her first single “Feedback” is gaining increased airplay.  It’s classic Janet with a futuristic twist.  The entire CD has the same futuristic vibe.  While on most songs you can’t understand the lyrics she’s singing, each uptempo song has a crazy beat.   Most notably, her collabo with Missy Elliott – The 1.  Missy’s unique style is sure to make this cut a hit. 

Janet said goodbye to producers Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam on this CD.  Whether or not this departure will prove to be fruitful remains to be seen.  Rodney Jerkins produced most of the CD, along with her Bo Jermaine Dupri who also partnered with her as executive producer.

This is clearly not the comeback CD for Janet.  But if you are a diehard fan as am I, you will enjoy the meat and discard the fat. 

This CD gets 3 out of 5 kisses!


Grammy Awards

This year the Grammys turned 50! I expected a fabulous party to celebrate, but got something just short of boring. The Grammy Show has joined the list of awards shows that have taken a departure from focusing on the award winners to a performance showcase.  This new direction would be great if the performances were hot!?!?! 

There were some shinning moments throughout the evening.  The wonderful Alicia Keys always delivers.  Her performance with John Mayer sizzled.  The Cirque du Soleil – The Beatles LOVE was daring and heart felt.  Tina Turner has found the fountain of youth.  Her duet with Beyonce was good -not great.  I would be remiss if I did not mention Amy Winehouse.  Amy did her thing! As only she can. 

The Grammys get 3 out of 5 kisses!

Sleeping on Natasha!

I fell in love with the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.  It’s on my voice mail, ringtone, and my myspace site.  I had to find out more about this new artist with the mysterious and pure voice, because I’ve clearly been sleeping.  I found out that Natasha released her debut album also titled Unwritten back in 2004 in the UK! The entire album is motivating and down to earth; each song was written and performed with clear abandon. 

Natasha is an English singer with a hip and fresh style.  I like her! Her sophomore CD Pocketful of Sunshine was released last Tuesday.  I can’t wait to get it! 

The Fight of My Life

I am really feeling the the new Kirk Franklin CD.  Sometimes his CDs are hit or miss.  This one is a definite hit.  Kirk comes right at you with “Declaration” (This Is It), an old Kenny Loggins hit.  I love it! I also like “I Am God”, a rock inspired song that makes you want to praise him.  There’s a wonderful little diddy called “I Like Me” that is great for those who may be suffering from any kind of low self estime.  

You cannot deny that Kirk Franklin is creative and bold.  He is true to himself  without comprisming his relaitionship with GOD.

This CD gets 4 out 5 kisses!

Hate on me

Jill Scott said that she wrote this song after surfing the net and viewing several negative comments about her from people who didn’t know her.  With the lack of air play that this song has gotten, I think folks are still hating on her!

Jill’s junior CD “The Real Thing” is sexy, personal and worth checking out. This CD was released on the heels of her divorce.  After listening to the CD, you will come to understand why she divorced and why she didn’t want to.

Her first single Hate On Me is my favorite.  Other songs worth mentioning are My Love and Whenever You’re Around. 

This CD gets three out five kisses!

How can the third be greater than the first?

Well,  Alicia Keys has found a way to do just that! Her third CD “As I Am” is without a doubt her best.  It’s rare that you come across a CD where you can feel the emotion each song.  This CD is honest and can take you to place you weren’t expecting to go.  I found myself in the car crying listening to “The Thing About Love”.

Be ready to experience pure genius! Alicia is the female Prince.

This CD gets 5 out of 5 kisses